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Production Management

Enhancing performance

Finishing beef and lambs will be most profitable, when disease and mortality rates are as low as possible and animals are fed adequately to allow them grow without restriction.  The faster they leave the unit, the more profitable they become.

There are many opportunities to refine performance on a dairy unit to boost margins.

While tracking milk production, changes in yield and constituents can indicate a problem brewing in the herd.  We aim to identify that problem before it affects the whole herd and reduces production.

Optimising fertility is the other driver in a dairy business, cows need to get pregnant at the optimum time to maintain their place in the milking herd.  We can provide a pregnancy diagnosis per animal service or a fertility scanning service.

With Total Vet and VetImpress software we can accurately analyse production, fertility, mastitis and lameness.

Farm Assurance schemes now require health and disease data reviews, in order to allow you and your vet identify area's that you can improve and save money.  If you need a health review for a farm assurance review get in touch for a bespoke herd health plan.

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