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Freedom Veterinary Advisory Services

Animal Health and Production management

Freedom Veterinary uses years of general practice experience and up to date training to help farmers manage a productive and profitable enterprise.  We partner with our clients and their on farm advisers, to focus on the performance of their livestock. As a team, we can produce effective strategies for increased production and disease control, including health auditing and design of housing and handling facilities.  Animal health and welfare are our highest priorities.

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Advisory Services

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Rear strong healthy livestock

Looking to solve some health issues or improve health and production?  We can help decrease calf mortality, develop the fore stomachs efficiently, reduce weaning stress and create stronger adult animals in fewer days - making the animals more valuable and cost efficient.

To enhance performance

For dairy units we can monitor and analyse production data through NMR's Herd Companion and using Total Vet.  We offer fertility and scanning using a BCF EasiScan 4 from IMV Imaging.

For beef and sheep, we can analyse weight gain, finishing days with carcass grading if available

Disease eradication support

At Freedom Veterinary, we combine our insights and skills to help you implement a control, management and eradication plan for  diseases such as Johnes, BVD, IBR, Neospora and Leptospirosis.  We support and engage in national eradication programmes to improve animal health and welfare to support our clients businesses.


Our Philosophy

Animal Health and Welfare

Freedom Veterinary was founded with a single mission: to uphold and improve animal welfare.  High animal welfare standards enhance farm success and profitability.  

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 includes 5 Freedoms to protect animals:

Freedom from hunger and thirst.

Freedom to express natural, normal behaviours.

Freedom from discomfort.

Freedom from pain, injury and disease.

Freedom from fear and distress.

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Alverdiscott Road, Bideford, N Devon. EX39 4FG


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